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If you want to rent cars in Belgrade, “MASTER RENT A CAR” is the right choice. The vehicle will provide you with the freedom to travel and travel through Serbia, in a way that suits you exclusively. They are available from small city cars, family sedans, to van vehicles. You can pick up a vehicle at our branch office in the hotel “Slavija Lux” in Belgrade, St. Sava 1-9, the airport “Nikola Tesla” or any other location that suits you. If you need a vehicle with a driver, you are at your disposal professional drivers with knowledge of foreign languages ​​who will take you with the chosen vehicle wherever you go. If you need accommodation in Belgrade, with a rented vehicle you can get a discount of 10% in the hotels “Slavija” and 10% on a rented vehicle. Our fleet is made from the most famous world car manufacturers: Opel, Fiat, Skoda, VW, Mercedes, Ford. All vehicles are up to 2 years old, which guarantees you a completely safe and safe drive. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, window blinds as well as all other equipment to make you feel comfortable and secure during your rental. We have Call Center available 24 hours 365 days a year. We also have our special offers in the form of Weekend tariffs as well as favorable terms with multi-month lease or rent more vehicles. We have also provided special discounts to all tariffs and groups of vehicles for regular customers. With “MASTER RENT A CAR” it is very easy and convenient to rent a car in Belgrade and our customer service will take care of quality service and your satisfaction with car rental service.